Closing ceremony of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics at the Olympic Stadium.
Entrance to the Parque da Bela Vista site where the Rock in Rio editions are held in Lisbon.
Courtyard of Parque de Artilleria during the La Mar de Músicas festival in Cartagena, in the concert of the American artist Damien Jurado.

The member of the band Black Eyed Peas,, during the performance of the American group at the Rock in Rio festival.

Beginning of the Carthagineses and Romans Festivities with the act of the Sacred Lighting on the hill of the Molinete de Caragena.
A fan zip-lines over Rock in Rio's Palco Mondo stage during Ellie Goulding's performance.
British singer Sting during his performance at the StarLite festival in Marbella.
The leader of the British band Rolling Stones, Mick Jagger, during the concert at the Foietes Stadium in the city of Benidorm.
Fireworks at the end of the Carthaginian and Roman festivities in Cartagena.
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